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Does your child often look like this student—the frustration and lack of confidenceTutor With Heart in Columbus, Ohio and Online can provide personal, compassionate, one on one tutoring help for students K–8+ to change that frown to a smile.  There are many possible reasons for needing a tutor. Here are some of the most important:

*    Grades are very low
*    Homework seems to be very    

*    Wanting to give up, resistance   

      to doing homework 
*    Extreme anxiety before taking a

      quiz or test
*    Loss of interest in learning or

       going to school
*    Low self-esteem and confidence
*    Teacher or counselor at school

       recommends tutoring
*    Parent needs to be constantly




Tutor With Heart in Columbus, Ohio + Online  can provide  individualized tutoring instruction for your student on a regular basis both in person and onlineTutor With Heart can turn those frowns into smiles. Enjoy these benefits:

Offers a unique, individualized 

     learning experience
*  Provides review of skills not yet

*  Allows for individualized progress
*  Provides greater student success
*  Increases good study habits
*  Improves attitude about subject

     areas and school in general
*   Increases understanding of

      subject areas
*   Decreases distractions
*   Provides much praise, feedback,

      and encouragement
*   Improves grades, motivation,

*   Boosts confidence

TOGETHER we can bring calm to the heart of your FAMILY through student tutoring.
Now Is The Time
For  Tutoring  If:
*Low test scores
*Lacks confidence
*Doesn't want to go to school

Your student is intelligent, witty, fun, moody, loving, creative, energetic, tired, confident, shy, and a very complex person.  When kids don't know what they don't know, they become confused and less confident.  You, as a parent, can boost that confidence by giving them the gift of knowledge through tutoring by a skilled tutor in reading comprehension strategies, understanding the elements of language arts  effective listening, and understanding various test strategies.  You can hear those words, "I got an A on my test!!!"  Rather than constantly fighting over homework and grades, we can work TOGETHER as a TEAM to help them learn how to study and move that missing puzzle piece into place to achieve success for your unique student.  Tutor With Heart prepares individualized, customized learning plans in all areas to meet the needs of each student.  This is not a "big box--one size fits all" relationship.  Your child is unique and special.  And this is available right here in Columbus, Ohio or with online tutoring.

Tutor With Heart offers skilled, knowledgeable online tutoring to students and families.  I know that many families are on the go so much that it is hard to find an hour to meet for tutoring. Tutoring online gives us a great deal more flexibility in planning time since it doesn't require a meeting at a library.  It can contribute to student success. We can work together on our computer screens to learn the needed skills.  I use a platform called which allows us to see and hear each other at all times.  We can access screen share for documents that we can both look at and write on. For younger children we can read stories together and work on reading comprehension strategies.  For older students we can use GoogleDocs to pass their written items back and forth and edit .  It is just as if we are sitting together at a table working.  I have been doing this with children in China for 2 1/2 years, and have built relationships with them even though we are 1/2 a world apart.

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