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Tutor With Heart

      Because I’m sure you want to know about every person who impacts your child’s life, I want you to know a little bit about me. My journey has taken me from stay at home mom to adult student finishing a BS in Education to public school teacher for several years. Along the way I earned a MS in Education. Life changes moved me on to be involved on staff with children, families, and volunteers in a church setting. It was there that I became aware that many fast paced families are drowning in chaos and stress. And so my life as a professional organizer was born.  I found, though, that my heart and passion were still with the kids.  So I have turned to private academic tutoring for students Kindergarten–Grade 8 ( a high schooler once in a while) and working with students on organizing and study skills in Grades 6—12.   It is a wonderful and very satisfying place to be.

     My heart goes out to these students struggling in school because I know and understand that each child is unique with his/her own strengths, but they struggle with their weaknesses.  Individualized learning addresses their needs.  That’s where we can help as we come together as a team with our hearts, hands, and knowledge to work one on one with each student to boost confidence and grades.  

      I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity for the last 4 ½ years to work online with students in China.  As I work to teach them English, I have come to love them as if they were right here in the United States.  So, I understand fully that working with students online can become very personal and build a strong relationship.  It’s a joy to see their success in speaking English and in building better reading comprehension.  I have used the platform with them the entire 4 ½ years and find it to be very easy to learn, powerful, and versatile.
     Personally, I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. Most of our children and grandchildren live in the Columbus, Ohio area, so we get together often.   Now that my children have their own families, and we are empty-nesters, I enjoy the flexibility of having my own tutoring business.  I can teach from the heart.
     I do also have a student organizing business where I teach students to develop their organizing and study skills for greater success in school.  If you would like to know more about student organizing, just click on the button to take you to

My rates are simple—$45/ hr. for academic tutoring in a local                                            library or online
                   $60/ hr. for the student organizing modules

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