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We can increase the success of your student in school through individualized academic tutoring, which can help with areas of academic difficulty, ease homework struggles, and bring peace and calm to your family.  We will have a conversation to understand your child's  feelings, how your child needs help, his/her strengths, and your goals.  We will work together to assess your needs, develop a plan of action, work the plan, and develop increased confidence in your child.  Nine years as a tutor has taught me that a small amount of one on one attention can greatly boost a child's knowledge and confidence which leads to increased student success.



          In Person in Columbus, Ohio area

            by a Licensed and Experienced Teacher

    *   Reading                 *   Spelling          

    *   Phonics                 *   Language Arts

    *   Writing                  *   Social Studies

    *   Math


All instruction is provided by a licensed, experienced, professional teacher who has the ability and background to competently address your child’s needs.  As part of the academic tutoring students of both primary and intermediate age are encouraged to develop their ability to organize thoughts, use effective listening skills, and practice good study skills.


PRIMARY ACADEMIC TUTORING is available in person in the Columbus, Ohio area only.  Young students need to meet face to face with the teacher on a regular basis to provide comfort and nurturing.  Many times parents find that a young child will not be receptive to their help, but are willing to work hard for a tutor in a tutoring session.  Often a young child just needs assistance through academic tutoring to catch up to grade level.  A specific area where we can be of help to the student is in READING which includes fluency, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.  Other areas are in the whole LANGUAGE ARTS Curriculum which involves PHONICS, WRITING, and SPELLING.  These areas are the backbone that need to be strengthened during the early years as the path to success in most other areas of student success.  We strive to make the work fun for the young child so that learning is a pleasant and rewarding experience.



    In Person in Columbus, Ohio area

                      or ONLINE TUTORING

by a Licensed and Experienced Teacher

   *   Reading               *  Spelling

   *   Phonics                *  Language Arts

   *   Writing                 *  Social Studies

INTERMEDIATE ACADEMIC TUTORING is offered in person in the Columbus, Ohio area or Online.  Students of this age can benefit from either the in person situation or face to face online using a platform such as  Academic tutoring is individualized specifically for the student’s needs, whether it is in READING, any area of LANGUAGE ARTS (spelling, writing, composition, grammar), or SOCIAL STUDIES.  There is never any reason why a student should have to struggle in the classroom or struggle through homework. 


We are available for academic tutoring so that your child  gets what he or she needs.  Once we talk with you about the areas where your child needs assistance, we will be able to come up with a an individualized learning program for academic tutoring that will pave the path for success.  We dedicate our time and efforts to boosting a child’s knowledge while also teaching valuable skills that can be used all throughout school.  As a TEAM we can achieve more.


         DID YOU KNOW????


A child with a calm heart grows into a lifetime of wellness and peace.

What children see and experience is what they believe to be right and true.

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