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More Parents' Comments

Karen has been working with both my grandsons for 3+ years on their reading. They are 9 and 11. They have come such a long way. My youngest has learning disabilities and she works and makes it fun for him. Both of them have benefited greatly by her expertise and knowledge of teaching them to read. We are continuing their tutoring starting this school year as well. Thanks Karen for all your help!     Terri July, 2019

My kids love her! I have three kids that have been with Tutor with Heart. Each of my kids have different needs and she is able to adjust to each kids needs. Each one of my kids have improved a great deal in their reading. I would highly recommend Tutor with Heart!!     Robin July, 2019

Karen is a wonderful tutor! She has worked with my child for 5 years and we are so blessed to have her. She has made a huge impact in our child’s life! She is very kind and compassionate and has a lot of patience. She works very will with children who are easily distracted and is able to refocus them easily. She provides a positive and fun leaning environment. I highly recommend her!        Kimberly July, 2019

She was very patient and had such a kind demeanor during tutoring sessions with my daughter. My daughter lacked confidence and she developed self confidence with Karen.   Stacy July, 2019

Karen is always well prepared for classes and ready to help students at different levels in our online classes. She is experienced and warm, delivering the curriculum professionally.  Jenny  July, 2019


Karen worked with our son for over 5 years with excellent results. Karen is a very caring and patient tutor. She cares about her students and wants them to be successful. Karen is professional, punctual, organized, great communicator, very effective, and easy to work with. Highly recommended       Merilyn July, 2019

My two boys both were tutored by Karen. My oldest started in first grade when he was struggling to read at the appropriate grade level and she continued working with him till the end of 3rd grade where he caught up with his other classmates. She made learning so fun and had games to help them learn. My other son started tutoring before kindergarten and he also had a speech problem. By the end of 1st grade he was right on track with reading and he was able to get out of speech therapy at school. Karen was such a blessing to both my boys. We were lucky to find her. She is kind,compassionate, fun and really knows what she is doing to help children get the help they need. My kids were so sad when were done needing her services. She is awesome!
Carrie   Aug, 11 2019

Karen was excellent to work with! My daughter looked forward to her time with Karen and showed marked improvement in her reading abilities and confidence level. My daughter met her end of year reading assessment goal with Karen's help. I would highly recommend Karen!
Jen  Aug,  2019

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